“Music is more fun!

The real sound processor RSP-101 brings out the full potential of your speakers, delivering realistic sound and rich musicality.

Simply connect to the speakers and improve the sound quality of your audio equipments.
You could perceive "Improve the resolution of the sound," "Increased clarity of sound, " "Becomes clear sound localization," "Vividly hear the sound, " "The sound is rich ! ".
Bring out the performance of your audio equipments, you can enjoy music more.

CD was heard, and heard only once, away into the forgotten CD also revived, and it changes your favorite CD.

*Depending on the effectiveness of your instrument and music are different. In addition, there are individual differences in the perceived effect.

RSP-101 features

During listening to music with audio equipments, the counter electromotive force is generally generated in the voice coil of speaker unit according to the time variation of the amplifier output level.

This “counter electromotive force” returns to the circuit of the amplifier through the speaker cable. This is difficult to drive the speakers according to the input signal faithfully.

By connecting the speaker to the RSP-101, the counter electromotive force is absorbs and it reduces the impedance change of the speaker from the mid high frequency band, in particular. As a result, the speaker is driven more closely and improves the resolution and the rise of music. In addition it was also reproduced reverberation of music and brings a rich realistic sound.

How to install

RSP-101 is installed close to the speaker system as much as possible, please use the speaker cords as short as possible. Speaker cord is too long, may not fully demonstrate the functionality of the unit. And suspending the unit from the speaker, and so cause damage due to falling, please avoid installing unstable.

[Bi-wiring terminal with speaker systems]
Single-wire connection, even if both Bi-wiring connections, connect the input terminal of the speaker system in the treble unit.

Product appearance

The case of the unit has been adopted high-quality wooden case of walnut veneer dried naturally over time.
Wooden case, we put the time and effort to finish impregnated several times over the oil was mainly composed of vegetable oil made ​​in England. Also you can enjoy high-quality glossy natural look.

Specification (Japanese model)

Preferable speaker impedance 10Ω or less
Maximum input power Less than1kw
Dimensions 100mm(W) x 47mm(H) x 117mm(D)
Weight 190g

*Specifications and design subject to modification without notice.

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